Knowledge of foreign markets

Thanks to the experience gained on the field over recent years. We have had the chance to get to know and work in close contact with the finest and best-known companies across Europe: from the most strategic markets for Italian food products (Germany, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland and Austria) right over to those emerging markets, less well-known by production companies (the states of Ex-Yugoslavia, Byelorussia, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Albania), as well as all those countries which by virtue of their common culinary culture or due to requests linked to tourism, have an ever growing need for Italian produce (Spain, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Denmark and Norway).

Outside the European territory, we have set up and developed partnerships on managerial level with major groups. Our mission, in this case, foresees providing an understanding of Italian produce from A to Z, with special attention paid to local cultural scenes, particularly those totally unlike the European context, right through to our care of the documentation and logistical elements – fundamental aspects for exportations of this kind.

Our typical partners vary hugely: they range from food service importers and local distributors to hotels and restaurants chains, from large-scale distribution to major retail chains, and even to brokers and local collaborators with a strong presence in a given territory.